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AWS Cost Savings by Utilizing Kubernetes Ingress with Classic ELB

A few months ago I wrote an article about Kubernetes Nginx Ingress Controller. That article is actually the second most popular post on this blog. It's focused on using Kubernetes ingress for on-premises deployments. But, most of the users run Kubernetes on AWS and other public cloud providers. The problem is that for each service with LoadBalancer type, AWS will create the new ELB. And that can be pricey. With Kubernetes ingress you will need only one. How Does it ...

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Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaling on AWS

Make no mistake, running a production Kubernetes cluster is not that easy. And, unless you use cloud resources smart you will be spending a lot of money. You only want to use resources that are really needed. When you deploy Kubernetes cluster on AWS, you define min and max number of instances per autoscaling group. You want to watch Kubernetes cluster and on insufficient resources to scale up. Also to scale down when you have underutilized nodes. The piece of ...

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Terraform and AWS Spot Instances

Terraform is my tool of choice for cloud provisioning. The difference compared to the similar tools for cloud provisioning is that Terraform saves the state. Terraform supports AWS and can provision spot instances also. Spot instances are great to save some money in the cloud. They could be used for any service, but it is really hard to manage stateful services like databases. If you have a stateless service spot instances are a great choice. You need to automate spot ...