Alen Komljen

I'm a DevOps Engineer and Consultant with experience that spans a broad portfolio of skills, including cloud computing, software deployment, process automation, shell scripting and configuration management, as well as Agile development and Scrum. This allowed me to excel in solving challenges in the entire IT infrastructure along with my deep interest in automating infrastructure and the open-source community.

Currently, I'm working as a DevOps Engineer at Sematext. Please check my social profiles to see my other references. You can contant me here.

What I can do for you
Do you want to know more about container technologies? Have a software which needs to be ported to work inside the containers? You want a CI/CD based on Kubernetes? Various automation tasks? Want to build a distributed storage? These are just some of the ways I can help.

Tools that I'm using to accomplish different tasks:
- Docker
- Kubernetes
- kops
- Helm
- Rancher
- Ansible and SaltStack
- Vagrant
- Jenkins/Gitlab CI
- Ceph distributed storage
- AWS and GCE


About a year ago I started the first chat community for IT professionals in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Chat is based on Slack messaging service. We are IT professionals joined in this community to share knowledge, to help each other, and to share some other interesting things.

We have 120+ members and if you are located somewhere in Bosnia and Herzegovina please join us at #BHIT.

Or, if you prefer Reddit, join us here.