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Integrating AWS IAM and Kubernetes with kube2iam

Containers deployed on top of Kubernetes sometimes requires easy access to AWS services. You have a few options to configure this. Most common is providing AWS access credentials to a particular pod or updating existing worker nodes IAM role with additional access rules. Pods in the AWS environment, by default, have the same access rules as underlying nodes. However, both solutions are a terrible practice, because there are projects that resolve this issue more elegantly. Two most popular are kube2iam ...

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Protect Kubernetes External Endpoints with OAuth2 Proxy

Sometimes you just want to expose some services that don't have any authentication mechanism. Many users have this issue, especially with Kubernetes, because it is damn easy to expose any service over ingress and also to have HTTPS by default with Let's Encrypt. The missing piece could be authentication in the application you want to expose. In this case, we can always leverage external authentication from GitHub, Google, and many others via OAuth. This is where OAuth2 Proxy comes into ...

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Get Automatic HTTPS with Let's Encrypt and Kubernetes Ingress

A few days ago I read a great post from Troy Hunt about HTTPS. The title "HTTPS is easy" is there for a good reason! HTTPS is easy, especially with the platforms like Kubernetes. Unfortunately, not all people agree with this. I understand that for some huge organizations moving all traffic to HTTPS is not trivial, but for all others saying how Google is evil with forcing it is just nonsense. You should use HTTPS for every external endpoint and ...