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A Fresh Start

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This is not the first time that I created a personal website, but it is the first time I know what to do with it. I mostly wrote how-to guides, but less about what is the DevOps and why we need it as a process in software development. On this blog, I will write about Infrastructure as a Code, modern DevOps tools, and container technologies, and some other interesting tech related stuff.

Why DevOps?

DevOps is a process of moving your software forward, fast and without hiccups.

Working with the infrastructure is something that I tackle on a daily basis and for the most part, I really enjoy doing it and want to share my experiences and know-how. DevOps is all about creating a process on how you deploy some service. The process needs to be simple, easily replicated to any environment, and each person in the team needs to know how to use it. It is about how you move your software forward, fast and without hiccups, even when you reach millions of visitors. In the past few years container technologies really pushed DevOps to another level, meaning it is easier to have environments which work everywhere. DevOps adoption is still low and companies have Operations teams that are mostly working on deploying and maintaining environments - manually. Even the best-polished companies that have some great services and products and where everything seems just perfect in the background have a real mess when it comes to keeping everything in order.


Learn by doing!

Automation is what makes DevOps processes easy to operate. I don't like to do things manually, and even some simple things like this blog post is running with some great tools and services, like Terraform, DigitalOcean, Docker, LetsEncrypt, CloudFlare. All automated and deployed with one command and couple of clicks later to manage domain or some CloudFlare settings that are not available with the Terraform yet. I know this is waste of time for such a simple service, but that is how I learn new tools. Always something good comes out of it. You should automate the processes you are doing manually so often.

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