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Quick Working From Home Tips

You will see hundreds of new working from home tips blog posts in the coming months. Most tech companies shifted to working from home (WFH) because of a global pandemic. We are all different, and what works for me will not work for you. I wrote this post to tell you that working from home is not rocket science. All you need is some routine. Don't try to copy, or blindly follow the rules. Build your own. Here is my ...

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The Importance of Tech Blogging

I have a lot to share when it comes to blogging. This is actually my third tech blog and a pretty successful one. Yay, finally! :) It's a shame that really good engineers, with a lot to share often find excuses to not start blogging. Usually, you will hear things like "I have no time for writing" or they just don't see the point. They don't understand how the blog can help them professionally among other things. Now, more than ever ...

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Serverless: The New Way of Thinking

I'm preparing the first CNCF meetup in Sarajevo and thinking about what would be interesting to present at the first meetup. Of course, I will talk a little bit about CNCF in general, but I want something interesting for the second talk. Something that will bring more developers to future CNCF meetups. And, as you can guess it will be about Serverless. I'm not expert in this area, but I like the idea. My colleague, Andan Rahic loves to write ...

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What is DevOps?

I'm a DevOps engineer, and that is how others see my role in the team. But, often nobody in the organization doesn't really know what that means or how to proceed with DevOps. DevOps is often confused with a modern sysadmin, the person who "deploys" the software and helps developers to create environments. DevOps is a methodology on how modern software organizations should do software development. The DevOps team works on automating things by using different tools and ...

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A Fresh Start

This is not the first time that I created a personal website, but it is the first time I know what to do with it. I mostly wrote how-to guides, but less about what is the DevOps and why we need it as a process in software development. On this blog, I will write about Infrastructure as a Code, modern DevOps tools, and container technologies, and some other interesting tech related stuff. Why DevOps? DevOps is a process of moving ...